Hi everyone!

So my lovely boss/friend just began a vegan radio show which is a very exciting step for the local veg*n community! She’s archiving the episodes online here, and if you ever feel like listening to it, that’d be rad! I’m very impressed with how natural she is on the radio and I know she has plans to make this a very fun and interesting show (and I know some of the future topics and guests and they’ll be great!). We listen to Our Hen House together when we’re cooking and I’m guessing her show will eventually be similar in style (luv u Jasmin and Mariann).

Her first episode is “What Is A Vegan and Why” and it explores the different health & ethical reasons to be vegan, plus the history of veg*nism, and she interviews some long-time vegans about their journeys. It’s not too long and is really worth listening to if you get a chance! 

Plus her website has free recipes so okay yeah check it out here!!

hummus crackers (by Paige MacKenzie)
recipe here!
halloween apples (by Paige MacKenzie)
look at these cute apple things i made last halloween aw 
(via Vegan Richa: Gobi Aloo Wrap - Cauliflower Potato, Toasted Red Lentil hummus, Pickled Onion Wrap. Vegan Recipe)
Hummus (paté de garbanzos) (by GastroAndalusi)
Zucchini Hummus (by awoodennest)
Veggies & Hummus (C) (by Naked Veggie)
Hummus (IMG_7824) (by SandeeA Cocina)
Hummus (IMG_7865) (by SandeeA Cocina)
Pita and hummus (by luyaozers)